Friday, March 28, 2008

deceptively delicious

andrew gave me this cookbook for christmas: jessica seinfield's deceptively delicious. its all about how to trick your kids into eating more veggies. i like veggies. i don't require trickery. but sometimes i find it hard to get all my daily veggies or to do new and interesting things with them. we're bored with our same ol veggies.

so i adore the cookbook. its got a ton of great recipes and tips. we've enjoyed everything except for the mac n cheese recipe. it wasn't a problem with the recipe; it was a problem with me. turns out, i only like mac n cheese that comes from a blue box. also, and this is key, there are pictures of nearly everything. i don't understand cookbooks with no pictures. how am i supposed to know that i want to eat something if i can't look at it and say, "that looks yummy"?

i keep thinking about posting one of the muffin recipes. but the basic plan for the book is to make veggie purees and add them to recipes. for example, the blueberry muffins have a half cup of butternut squash puree, which is all well and good in theory but a big hassle for just one round of muffins. if you are going to follow her plan, then you get into the habit of making purees and freezing them and using them. if you aren't going to follow her plan, then you don't really want to try just the one blueberry muffin recipe. so just pretend that i posted another recipe and you glanced through it and thought, "wow that sounds yummy, someday i'll make that" knowing full well that you probably won't, which is ok, because i too glance at a great many recipes and do that same thing.


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