Saturday, December 22, 2007

pedi party

i've felt rather broken and awkward and ugly since i broke my back. while i don't really know what either actually is like, i feel like a combination of pregnant and menopausal. like a hotflashing beached whale.

i can't bend over. i can't touch my toes. none of my cute clothes fit. and i cannot control my temperature. my limbs are freezing. my core is on fire. the brace just doesn't let the heat out and how many pieces of clothing warm up everything except your tummy/back. its always the other way around. the brace makes me look very flat chested and i can't shave my legs. no matter what i do, i am completely lacking in grace. so because i can't touch my toes or do anything girly, i got a pedicure. i let someone else fancy me up.


  • At 1:42 AM , Anonymous mary ann said...

    That makes my removable leg cast sound like a party. So, uh, that must really suck. My biggest hassle is that morning must follow a specific order. It's a pain to put on and take off, so I have to either put on pants before I go to the bathroom in the morning or commit to wearing a skirt all day to get in there faster.

    You're like halfway to "...and we'll see", right?


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