Friday, December 21, 2007

i've got a couple of somewhat crazy coworkers. only a couple, you ask?

one of them is terribly delightful. all year long, she goes to every casino and gets every free gift imaginable. and saves them up all year until its this heaping mass of free gifts. (you get free gifts by being a member of the players club for that casino or casino chain. they all have this and you don't necessarily have to gamble to get the gifts). and then on the last work day before christmas, she brings the whole heaping mass of gifts in and we draw names and pick gifts and have a grand ol time. i picked up two clinique make up/gift sets, a purse from dress barn, candles, off brand tupperware and a cd stereo system. there were several sets of dinnerware than i had my eye on but didn't get. and of course there were a couple of gifts that everyone passed up (a mit romney sippy cup, some beach mats, and several yo yos). i can't wait to see what shows up next year!


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