Wednesday, December 05, 2007


andrew is a huge fan of all things orange flavored. its a real shame that very few orange flavored items (like candy and soda) come in sugar free. we all remember the orangesickle/dreamsickles from childhood, but he practically has a shrine for them. and there are occationally this glimer of hope for recreating that flavor. the army has this one MRE that has orange dreamsickle flavored cookies that are really truly terrific. i even think so and its come out of a MRE! yikes. we've researched the company that makes them and they only sell to the army, so we can't go buy any of these delights. we did find an orange cake and cooked it all up for thanksgiving, instead of pumpkin pie. and then over the long weekend, i discovered this recipe. now, normally andrew is the breakfast captain while i am the one daudling about getting ready. but with this recipe, i told andrew to stay in bed and read comics while i would be the breakfast captain. i've never baked french toast in the oven but i think this turned out very well. i used splenda instead of sugar, part egg beaters instead of 6 whole eggs, and then for the syrup, i melted some sugar free orange marmalade into the maple syrup. it was an orange fest.

orange french toast

6 eggs
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup skim or low-fat milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 T grated orange peel
1/2 t vanilla
1/4 t ground nutmeg
8 slices day-old raisin bread
confectioners' sugar, optional

mix beaten eggs, juice, milk, sugar, peel, vanilla, nutmeg. in a 9x13, place all bread evenly. pour egg mix over and turn, flip, wiggle until all bread is covered and all egg mix soaked up. bake 30 minutes, turning once, on a cookie sheet at 350. bread should be golden, but monitor it because you don't want it to burn. enjoy!


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