Saturday, December 15, 2007

terror in the skies

we recently flew back home to see family for the holidays. the trip was great, though always too short. there was much debate on how the flight would be, specifically how i would manage to get through security with this brace. turns out, i didn't even set off the alarm.

flying to ky was uneventful. the flight home caused some panic attacks.

first off, i hate flying. i'm nearly terrified of it. not so much that i can't do it. just enough that i can sit through the whole flight white knuckled.

so half way through the somewhat turbulent return flight, the flight attendant cheerily walks up and asks, "if we had to make an emergency landing, and use the inflatable ramps on the emergency exits, would you be able to hop and slide on the ramps?" immediately the plane goes bump bump bump as we hit some turbulent air.

i was too stunned to swear. i was too panicked to breath. why would you ask someone that?? they didn't need to know on the first flight. and really, what's a good answer? no, i'm going down with the plane? surely if we make an emergency landing and the plane is on fire, i'll figure out, and probably do so quickly, how to safely get onto the emergency inflatable ramp.

and then i had to sit there for over two more hours just wondering if the plane was going to crash.


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