Thursday, December 06, 2007

my most recent dr visit went well, despite how completely appalled i am at the charges being submitted to my insurance. its all somewhere between ludicrously immoral and flat out criminal. some of the charges haven't been fully processed, so i don't know officially which catagory they fall into. for example, the hosipital bill is for three days. i was there not even a full 24 hours, and they never gave me a bed. i had to stay in ER because there was no more beds to be had. so while i'm gearing up for a dispute on some of the charges, i do seem to be healing fairly well.

we've also found a new way to terrorize the cat. a clear plasic flyer came in the paper and she's completely traumatized by its existance. i'm not really sure why because generally she adores plastics. however this one is clear and slides across the floor attacking her. i want to feel bad at how often andrew torments her with the thing, but she's so funny hopping backwards/sideways. i woke up in the night and heard something. andrew went to investigate and determined that it was zoe smacking/beating the thing on the floor. i guess she just wasn't confident that it was dead, so she just kept hitting it. too cute.


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