Thursday, March 29, 2007

what a strange little beasty

zoe cat loves to lick plastic. and this seems strange to me.

the first time i noticed, she was licking the bag from some panda express takeout and that seemed at least a little normal. hey, there might have been some chinese food fragments or just leftover smells. but she must get some sort of weird endorphin rush from plastics because she wants to lick them all. there's a bag of yogurt covered raisins on the coffeetable. she doesn't want to chew the bag open to get the candy, just wants to lick the bag. any bottled water or soda, got to keep it out of her reach. cellophane wrappers from new dvds...i just don't get it.

and there's our baby girl curled up in the sink in the extra bathroom. andrew talked me into decorating it all things penguin. we have quite a collection of stuffed penguins displayed in there, and all the towels are black and white. there is a penguin calender. etc. i think you can see the penguin soap dish in the picture. well, on the back of the toliet tank, there were some small stuffed penguins. a beany baby and a puffkin. just the little cutest ones. except there was one penguin with especially frizzy hair and big crazy eyes. i personally was a little scared of that one.

the first morning we found him in the hallway. the second morning, we didn't find him at all. and then this morning, all the penguins were gone. along with the tub stopper.

we found one penguin in the tub. the rest, along with the tub stopper, were in the closet. she's apparently been chewing off their fingers. not their toes or noses or anywhere else, but all of their fingers. and that seems so mean. they can't fly anyway, why chew their wings off? not only is she a bandit; she's a fiend.


  • At 10:19 AM , Blogger Janet said...

    ROFLMAO, this story had me laughing. My dog likes to lick plastic, too...weird!


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