Wednesday, January 17, 2007

its cold outside

i'm a little disappointed by how not warm and balmy it is here. all fall, when it was so terribly cold out in the mornings, i would turn to andrew and say, lets move somewhere warm. he would agree and then we would chuckle on account of how we were planning to move to vegas and it should be warm here. now, i'm not going to sit around and do any serious complaining about it being cold, having been in places that are legitimately cold (and i've been here in the summer when it becomes ludicriously hot like the sun so please do not leave a comment saying, just you wait, missy, until its summer and then you'll wish it were cold) but i did think it was going to be warmer, or at least above freezing when i headed out to work in the mornings.


  • At 10:33 AM , Anonymous mary ann said...

    It's the coldest it's been here in 15 years. Next month when it's Spring there and continues to snow everywhere else, you can have your satisfaction.


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