Thursday, December 21, 2006

the tally is mostly success

thirteen things i wanted to accomplish this fall (week #18)

happy winter soltice. did everyone remember to sleep extra long since its the longest night of the year? i didn't. i have a head cold and that makes for tossing and turning. i posted this list in september. its all the things i wanted to get done. i've done most, er, some. the update is in ( ).

these are in no particular order of importance or schedule

1. organize all my recipies, they are scattered on postits and emails and pages ripped out from magazines. i have one of those make your own cookbook books and have been meaning to get it all organized for a while. now is the time.
(this didn't really get done. i did at least collect all of them and stick them in the same pile, so progress was made)

2. finish personal address book. this is almost as bad as the recipes. i just need to get it all into outlook or excel or something i don't even care what but all in one place. (this one was completely unsuccessful. maybe in the new year...)

3. organize the craft supplies and craft projects. i have a couple of plastic tubs of crafty things and then a whole lot of crafty things that won't fit. so i need to buy a couple more tubs and get it all squared away. (hooray, an out and out success, albeit from last week)

4. secure enough walkathon prizes. the walkathon is going to happen whether i accomplish this or not, but i'd rather i got this done. it would just be nicer all around if everyone got a prize. (we had prizes left over, i was pleased)

5. remember to write thank you notes for walkathon sponsors. i think handwritten thank you notes are the most amazing thing and since no one else in the world does this, it carries an amazing weight. but at the same time, its a lot of time and work, so we'll see. (i made some calls. not quite the same, so half success)

6. figure out what to do: lease is up in october (we went month to month and are moving tomorrow)

7. probably move, hopefully just within this complex, either way, andrew should be moving in so that counts as a move too (yup, moving to vegas tomorrow)

8. finish one non fiction book (i finished james frey's book. i know, not exactly non fiction. i think its currently billed as 'non fiction with embellishments' so i'm counting this as a success)

9. attend all possible Room in the Inn meetings, a homeless program i'm involved in (i did not attend them all, but i dropped off my food dishes and other items to support the program)

10. my job feels very up in the air at the moment and while i have no control of the company's decisions, i want to find the best possible solution for me and mine (i interviewed elsewhere but in the end stayed with my company, which is why we are moving. its going to be choas though. my office is going from 6 to 2 with more work not less. )

11. i want to knit something. i tried to start knitting a couple years back and never did much. i'd like to finish that potholder. (didn't even bother with this one. maybe in the spring)

12. i'm really hit or miss with excercising. one or the other: i want to either break it to my inner self that i'm a lazy couch potato or finally get into a real excercise habit. (i did excersize, but only some)

13. i like to try a new recipe every couple of weeks. but andrew is home now and he is a much, MUCH less adventurous eater/cooker than i. so, i'd still like to try new things, about every other week, but i want to try new and different things that i think he'd like. this could either end up rather boring or with hedious deaths. (we tried some new casseroles and i think it worked out nicely)

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  • At 7:53 AM , Blogger Laura said...

    no sleep for me, i was on call and i couldn't fall asleep plus i have a sick kid and an early am doc appointment i am worried about (finally)
    happy solstice and merry christmas!
    my tt is up.

  • At 7:59 AM , Blogger Shannon said...

    Feel better!

    Have a great Thursday!

  • At 10:04 AM , Blogger Gette said...

    Good luck with the move!

  • At 10:55 PM , Anonymous dawn said...

    I'm going to use some of these for my new years resolutions - particularly the first three

    Happy TT


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