Thursday, January 04, 2007

we are alive, just without internet

viva! las vegas! we pulled out tired weary selves into town last thursday just before the new year.

interesting things along the way? naturally.

in arkansas, i think just outside little rock, we saw 'toad suck park.'

in oklahoma we saw billboards encouraging us to visit Robertson's Store. the signs told us about how Robertson's sells Ham Sandwiches!! and yes, i like ham sandwiches, but i never thought about that being your best selling tactic and slapping it on a billboard. later billboards advertised blue stuff!! we really just didn't have a clue what that meant.

texas and new mexico didn't really offer much. a few tumbleweeds.

arizona was exciting. just as we passed flagstaff it started to snow. a hour later, twenty miles down the road, and four inches of snow on the ground, we stopped for the night at a silly route 66 town. it was fun in the hooky sort of way and would have been much better had we wanted to stay there rather than been snowed in.

getting into vegas was tricky. the best road crosses hoover damn and you cannot under any circumstances take a moving truck packed to the gills across the damn. what if we were terrorists? so the alternate route was scary. it went practically straight up the mountain and then straight back down. i was nervous driving the altima. i don't think andrew felt much better in the 16 ft truck. yikes.

the apartment wasn't quite ready so we stayed at a casino for the night. won some money, drank some wine, and moved in on friday. whew.

someday when i have decent internet in my very own home, i'll post more.


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