Saturday, January 06, 2007

big girl coke

first off, working on saturday bites. the movers have finally brought the office stuff to us. they picked it all up last friday in lexington and are moving it in to the las vegas office today. it only took me three days to drive here with my stuff on a truck, not sure why it took them so long. but here they are, big men moving all the filing cabinets for me.

the new office is a strange environment. the big boss has some quirks. noise issues. clutter issues. a particular sense of asthetics. we are too noisy. our filing cabinets don't match. we've got too many frames made of macaroni on our desks. but, i'm terribly excited about all the different scented soaps and lotions in the bathroom and the vast selection of sodas in the fridge. in lexington, we only got diet cokes. here, we can have anything we want, so long as we tell the admin before she goes to the store. currently there are no diet cokes in the fridge. so this morning, after dragging my sleepy self in on a saturday, i'm having my first big girl really coke in years. i'd forgotten just how tasty the real deal is. i'm about to have a diabetic fit though. hee.


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