Tuesday, November 07, 2006

another day, another city

i'm working in north carolina this week. however my luggage had different ideas on the topic. we started out together in louisville. flew to cleveland. i made my connection and headed to nc. my luggage decided to go back home to louisville instead. i guess the stress of this week's work was just too much for my socks.

on my second flight though, i think i met the most boring person alive. now, i'm not saying i am just phenomenonally interesting. this guy was some sort of chemical enginering/statistics guru, and there is nothing wrong with that. the problem was that he'd never managed to finish reading a fiction book. most of us can never finish our nonfictions. he didn't watch tv or movies. the only real diversion in his life was college football. how can a person be truly happy with no daydreams in their minds? it would be like never ever having any cookies in their tummies?


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