Monday, October 16, 2006

it could have been worse

there could have been a sleet storm.
something could have gone wrong with our permit and we could have all been arrested.
someone could have gotten injured.
so, see. it could have been worse.
but as it was, the walkathon for children's miracle network was a rather bigtime flop. very few people signed up to participate and some of them did not show up to walk. in the end though, we raised about $400 for sick kids. i know that every little bit counts, and i'm glad to have been a small part in helping out other people. also, several places in town donated some nice prizes, most of which are now left over and as i was the one who cleaned and packed everything up at the end of the day, i guess they are mine now. we were all winners.


  • At 3:54 PM , Anonymous Sharon said...

    There is a service called that will let your blog accept donations for your favourite charity, if you still want to continue your fundraising.

    Good luck!


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