Thursday, October 19, 2006

viva las vegas

since andrew's redeployment, our lives have been a series of strange and confusing and stressful events. the first event being that on my first day back to the office, my boss mentioned to me that our office was just as likely to be eliminated from the company as it was to be relocated. the odds on the status quo were staggeringly slim. strange rich white men higher up on the corporate ladder would be deciding shortly. in the meantime we braced for their decision by job hunting. some smaller fish took a couple of bites on my resume and then a rather big fish living in orange county, california called me up. the job and salary seemed to good to be true. i say this because deep down i was surprised they were calling me. i wasn't especially qualified for the job; they shouldn't have looked at my resume twice. but in the end, it was i who declined them. the strange rich white men higher up on my company's corporate ladder have decided to relocate my office to fabulous las vegas. andrew and i have decided to tag along for the ride. and really, i'm there all the time anyway, it is my home away from home. am i nervous? am i excited? am i scared? mostly i'm just tired. the last month has been kind of hard.


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