Sunday, October 29, 2006


i am not entirely satisfied with my birmingham international airport experience today. the biggest problem is that apparently delta purchased the flight information monitors and won't let anyone else play with their toys. so all the monitors only show delta flight info. instead of sharing the leftover space, with say southwest who i'm flying with today, they have tomorrow's delta flight info. if there is anyone here today right now who needs to know tomorrow's delta info, i honestly pity them. that's a long layover since its not noon yet. i ended up having to flag down a southwest person to find out where my gate is. and i'm really just a do-it-yourselfer. maybe its my trust issues, maybe i just like to see it in print, or maybe i'm just ocd and want the option of casually checking and double checking the monitors, but i do not at all like having to rely on the airline people to tell me where to go. i did however find a fun shotglass to add to my collection (it says 'heart of dixie' but my camera phone couldn't quite capture such small letters) and a present/surprise for my andrew, which even though he doesn't visit here often, i will not share and maybe accidentally ruin the surprise.


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