Saturday, May 27, 2006


that word always makes me think of timbits. the big coffee shop chain in canada is tim hortons, and every good canadian loves to go visit timmy's. its kind of like starbucks but less urban/trendy/sit around for hours. and i think more reasonably priced. anyway, they call their donut holes timbits. and i could really go for some timbits or krispy kremes or for any of you local lexingtonians, spauldings. for those of you not from lexington, spauldings donuts really are the best because somehow, they've managed to pack even more fat into each one. mmm.

but i was going to share tidbits, mostly from this past week. i was off traveling with work, in fabulous las vegas...and no catastrophes happened. woo. no scary elevator incidents. my rental car did not break down. i used only a minimal number of u turns. in this, i think less than 20 is considered minimal. there was one interstate that really freaked me out though. 215 goes through the town and on this trip, i got to drive on the section with no median. people who live in las vegas drive like crazy people. its the sun. it has melted all their brains away. and then, somewhere i read that one out of four drivers there have had at least one to two drinks in the past hour. so, four lanes of completely crazy, maybe tipsy, people flying by me at 70 and there was no median to keep oncoming traffic on their side. i don't know who thought that was a good idea.

the work that i did on site this week was very good. i work with low income housing. we honestly try to build and maintain the safest, nicest, most inviting apartments possible. at this particular site, in the clubhouse's minikitchen, there was this contraption. really it looked like an industrial sized easy bake oven, which i think was what it actually was. all day long, they were baking small batches of cookies. that way, anyone who came in wanting to rent an apartment, would instantly feel at home and not only get to smell freshly baking cookies, but actually get to eat warm, freshly baked cookies while they filled out their application. (i guess someone along the way decided that cookie flavored candles just wouldn't be inviting enough). guess who got to sit and smell freshly baking cookies day after day? me. guess who did not get to eat any cookies? me. i guess after a while the site staff had just build up an imunity. i don't think they realized they were torturing me. and i know there are people out there who have much tougher work environments, but man, that was just cruel.

one morning though, the cutest thing happened. i was standing outside the hotel waiting for my car and there was this tiny tiny bird hopping around looking for abandoned crumbs. he was a cutie. it hopped over to the doors. it hopped over to the curb. and at one point hopped across my shoe. how often can you look down and exclaim, there is a bird on my shoe!


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