just for fun

Friday, October 10, 2008

what a week

we paid off the altima this week! that was planned.

i was promoted and got a nice raise! that was not planned, or at least not planned on for this week.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

since the war began, we have lost 609 u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. somewhere over nine hundred coalition forces. i don't know how many civilian deaths, but i'm sure a whole lot.

during that same exact amount of time, there have been approximately 1322 murders in just my city, fabulous las vegas.

a life is a life and all should be counted, no matter the location or nationality. but that isn't what you hear in the news. what you hear, is that there have been too many u.s. deaths and we need to bring the troops home.

i bring this up because andrew's national guard unit received the official deployment orders to go to afghanistan next year. it is too soon to say more, and there are a whole lot of different ways that it might all play out. but 609 versus 1322. i think he may be safer there than i am here.