Tuesday, September 30, 2008

rummage sale

our church had a rummage sale/bake sale this past weekend. andrew and i slaved away all friday night making baked goodies (we didn't have anything interesting to donate to the rummage sale part). i made an apple pie. andrew made chocolate cookies with white chips. and i made my favorite cupcakes (which are actually brownie bottoms, cookie tops, and icing to layer them).

as much as i love making cupcakes, i really adore making little flags for them to wear. these, since they were going to the church sale, say: UMC (united methodist church), desert spring (name of the specific church), wesley rocks (wesley founded the methodist church), open hearts, open doors, open minds (our moto), and other methodisty sorts of things. i didn't stick around to the end to see all my cupcakes go to good homes, but i'm sure they did.


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