Saturday, August 09, 2008

fairground food

i've tried fried twinkies. i've tried fried oreos. i've tried many of the odd things they sell on sticks. that's what going to the fair is all about, right? paying way to much for a corn dog, cotton candy and some random deep fried thing, then riding the tilterwhurl until it all nearly comes back up.

this week the today show featured a really odd new fairground food:

yeah. it's chocolate covered bacon. i just keep staring at it. the online poll (not scientific in any way) shows 34% would try it since they enjoy other salty/sweet combos, 45% would not try it since it sounds gross, and 21% don't know if they would try it because they are still sitting on their couches staring dumbfounded (possibly with an eye twitch even).

for complete article and info:

bacon makes everything taste better...even chocolate?

**post script: this is my 300th post! my how time flies.


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