Monday, September 01, 2008


so there i was, no lie...true story...

i was driving along on saturday, minding my own business...when this pontiac bonneville passed us...

i have never in my life wished to own a video recording cell phone until saturday. i assure you, this vehicle was actually in motion on the highway, yes, with both a fridge and a wash machine somehow jammed into the trunk. i don't know what the owners of the vehicle did with the top of the trunk, nor do i know if they realized the number of cars that nearly wrecked into or near them as they were driving (hence the desire for a video recorder).

of special note, none of the devices have their actual lids attached. you can see inside the washing tub, so no lid there. you can see the fridge lid packed to the left of everything. and no one knows where the trunk lid might possibly be.

and it really just doesn't get less ridiculous the more you look at's like an appliance turduckhen (which is an andrew type of dish, and while i like meat, i think it sounds absurdly grotesque).


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