Sunday, August 03, 2008

finding my place

i think over this past year and a half, i've done everything i could subconsciencely do to make sure i didn't like it here and did not fit in. i haven't met anyone or done anything or gone anywhere. we moved out here thinking it would probably be for about three years. however, when we made that decision, i didn't know how little i would like it here. and now that we are about half way through this tour, maybe i'm ready to branch out a little. last month i joined a book club, and i went to a pampered chef party. this month i took a cooking class and learned how to make a spanish dish called paella. i went to the mall with some of the girls at work, and we got free makeovers at the makeup counters. i've joined a five week study that covers various christian disciplines (fasting, meditation, various types of prayer dating back all the way to the 2nd century church). and last night we invited another couple over for dinner and cards.

there is a guy in national guard with andrew who also happens to work at tsa with andrew (though not at the same shift) so we invited him and his wife over. i think it went really well. nothing disasterous happened with the food. conversation was really interesting, or at least never dragged. we never got around to playing any cards, so i guess we'll have to get together again, which i think works out well, since i'm really new at this whole having a life thing.

you know how embassies are technically property of their own government? inside the land and building of the u.s. embassy in wherever is technically u.s. land. if you are inside the embassy, you are inside the united states, even though if you step outside the door you are in mexico or south africa. i think i've felt that way about my apartment. not that the inside of my apartment is in kentucky, but that it is not in nevada. i step through the door and my apartment is my little safe haven that is just simply territory somewhere else, which allows me to live here without really living here. its a little odd that the time is halfway over and i'm finally starting to try to live here in nevada.


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