Friday, July 25, 2008

thinking outside the box

our third anniversary passed about a month ago, late june. you may know that each anniversary has an associated gift. its actually two gifts. there is a traditional gift suggestion and a modern. first year is paper and clocks. second is cotton and china. third is leather and then crystal. the suggestions are a fun idea, but i don't really want to buy china and crystal for andrew.

so instead, we've both been thinking quite outside the box. while he was in iraq, i mailed him origami flowers and a countdown clock. it looked kind of like a pager and kept track of the weeks, days, hours until he came home. last year, i bought him a transformer toy that was made in china-so far no lead poisoning issues. this year, i took him to the movies. i scanned through the credits online until i found a movie that had at least one person named crystal - with any variation on the spelling. but i think he really trumped my ideas this year. he found the cutest cupcake pan (i adore cupcakes) and some rock crystal candy to decorate my cupcakes.


my 3rd anniversary model train cupcakes complete with crystal candy smoke:


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