Saturday, January 12, 2008

feline herpes

remember a couple of days ago when i said zoe seemed to have a cold? well, she has respiratory issues for sure and according to the vet, 80-90% of kitty respiratory issues are actually caused by feline herpes. she lived with several cats in her first home and then naturally was with several cats living with the adoption agency so she likely contracted it then. supposedly the first bout of respiratory issues are going to be the worst. her sneeze is so pitiful. we've got some medicines for her now; i had to take her to the vet all by myself. i wasn't her favorite person anyway, andrew always has been. but i think between the cat carrier, the car ride, the vet taking her temperature, and then me shoving down her throat medicine that looks like ear wax, i lost some serious popularity points.

she should be ok and recover well. she needs a more humid environment, which isn't likely to happen, though i have had the humidifier on all day. and she needs less stress in her little kitty life. i'm not sure how to destress a kitty; all she does is eat and nap. i don't think i'll send her to a day spa just yet, mostly i'm planning to leave her hidng under the bed. at least until time for the next round of meds.


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