Friday, October 12, 2007


The PGA is here in las vegas, summerlin actually...and to be even more specific, next door to my office. at first thought that sounds like fun but then when you try to come into the office on a work day and suddenly have to fight with caddies for parking spaces, it becomes a little less fun. TPC is tournament players club, which is a fancy schmancy country club for all the rich crazies that live in summerlin, the newest part of town. everything about vegas is all about how much money you have, and summerlin is very much no exception to that. why is my office here? honestly, i have no idea. i think we bought the land a hundred years ago before it became expensive. i don't know if anyone good is playing here this weekend, but it all benefits shriner's kids. and the PGA tries to do a bunch of stuff for the military, which often just means giving away free tickets to events and passing out autographs, but i guess you gotta start somewhere.

here is a picture of TPC's first hole:


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