Friday, September 21, 2007

people who talk out loud during the show should be shot

so the KA show wasn't as fun as i'd hoped. i think the sets, costumes, music, athletic ability was simply superior in O. but O was a water show, so maybe that's just hard to top.

i was also a bit moody because i didn't get dinner before the show and because the people behind me talked to each other at full volumn throughout most of the show. it was rather dark, so the most i can say is that it was a family/friends of about seven asians. i don't know if it was better or worse being mind numbing constant jibberish behind me or if it had been english. i think possibly better. if i could have understood them, then more of my mind would have been trying to listen to them rather than the show.

so after the show we toyed with the idea of going to the mgm grand buffet. until we got there and it was going to be $115 for the four of us. i think andrew didn't hear the woman, because he was about to pay it. i had to jump up and snatch the credit card back. i mean really, $30 a person, for a buffet? unless i get to take home a whole crate of champagne and crablegs, its just not worth it. we got some fast food and were quite happy.

now i'm just hoping for the most quiet of weekends.


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