Saturday, September 22, 2007

grand adventure

today we went to california and it ended up being a much longer adventure that we'd planned. we headed out around 10am and only now just getting back...

our first stop: baker, ca. alien capital of the world. (its the area 51 exit). in baker, you can find several minutes of fun: a greek restaurant, many souvenir shops, and the 'alien beef jerky shop.'

then it was on to barstow, ca. the town nearest ft erwin. there we tracked down several thrift stores and army surplus stores. there was also supposed to be a comic shop but it was closed. and best of all, we turned in all our recyclables for cash. seven pounds of cans, eight pounds of plastic, 65 pounds of glass (we love diet snapple teas...i know what you are thinking but we honestly did not have 65 pounds of beer bottles...) equals $26.10

finally we headed over to ft erwin, ca. i thought it would be nice to be on a proper army post again; trips to nellis air force base are a bit lacking (except for having the only cap't d's fast food on this half of the country). and andrew has been wanting to shop at an army clothing sales for a good long while. he just can't find the right army stuff at the clothing sales on nellis. the trip onto post started off well; they actually checked our id's at the gate and made us get a visitors pass (security at nellis is a joke. really. tsa at the airport is more on top of things than the air force.) we got onto post and headed to the PX but unfortunately, it was being remodeled. we did also find clothing sales but they didn't have much national guard stuff either. so now we know. now andrew doesn't have to sit around and wonder and wish the drive wasn't so long and want to go to ft erwin to buy army stuff. and now i know what ft erwin is like since he spends the majority of his one-weekend-a-month-thing there. apparently the terrain there is spot on northern iraq.

sadly, the best part of the day happened at rainbow road super walmart, after we got back into town. we finally found the last license plate from our vacation's license plate game. you probably don't remember since that was the first of august and its not end of september, but we were missing rhode island (found on campus a day or so after returning), vermont (found last weekend at the san gennarro italian festival), and now finally west virgina, found last night. i wouldn't let andrew start over until we found all fifty so he's been just desperate to find WV. a few weekends ago, we even drove up and down every row at the BX on nellis. i think we might have spotted all 49 other states in that parking lot, leading us to doubt WV patriotic ferver. he's already started over and we are both mildly interested in knowing how long it will take to find all fifty just in this city (not to imply that we are a multicultural melting pot of a city, more like a noncultural pothole of a city, but that is a different rant for a different day).

so that was our adventure and now we are tired.

in other news, mary and drew were married today! congratulations!! absolutely best of luck on the longest adventure of your lives!


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