Saturday, October 06, 2007

leftist propaganda

my uk wildcats lost to south carolina on thursday. that ended our winning streak which was a bit sad. however, the game was actually on espn and since its probably going to be the only one we'll be able to watch all season, we still had fun.

my trigg county wildcats won last night. going into the game, there were three undefeated teams in the state. the other two played each other last night, green county vs metcalf. donno which won, but either way, there are only two undefeated teams now. we nearly passed out from laugher listening to the game commentating. i think it was during half time, the announcers told us about the other game and whatnot. for some reason, one of the guys had driven through green county recently. he got off the exit, probably looking for a potty and a beverage, like everyone else, and couldn't help but notice all the farm gate dealerships. so the guy is going on about all he saw was bill's gate shop, joe's gate shop, big tom's gate shop...why does that county need so many farm gates? we couldn't believe that the country bumpkins of trigg country were seriously talking smack about how hick the people in green county must be!

then trigg county won, and we danced around the living room. we are 6-0, and for some reason, instead of traditional spirit fingers, i starting making sixes with my fingers and very quickly switching back and forth between hands (five on one hand, one on the other. one on the first hand, five on the other). then andrew tried to do that too, but really couldn't very well. he couldn't switch very quickly, would end up with both hands making five or both with just one. this clearly reinforces my belief that lefties are superior. i live in a right handed world, so i have to use my non dominate hand way more often than righties do.

in conclusion, my team won and lefties are better


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