Tuesday, September 18, 2007

we went to the san gennaro italian fest this weekend. it wasn't quite as grand as i'd hoped. we had a coupon so it was only 2 for $10 to get in. and for that $10, i received...er, i was allowed into...um, nothing. there were rides that cost $3-5 per person to ride. there was food i could buy, all exceptionally over priced. more than theme park prices over priced. there were booths of people trying to sell me things, most of it were things i would not buy at a festival. things like king sized mattresses and water skidoos. aside from payment options, how would i get that home? and really, how would i get that to my car parked a half mile away? the food was tasty, so was the italian ice. and since i don't have kids, i didn't spend as much as my coworkers, so i guess i had an ok time, a better time than they did at any rate.

also, i was finally accepted into the local community college. i was actually getting worried about that. its too late for this semester, but i'm still planning on taking some spanish classes in the spring.

not too much other news. we have friends coming in tomorrow night. they'll be in town until friday morning, going to rent a car and drive to LA for a few days and then back to Vegas next tuesday, fly home wednesday. we are planning to see a cirque show at MGM this thursday. i'm the only one of the group that has already seen one; a few years ago i went to O at the bellagio and now we are seeing KA. we just discovered that with a military ID, we can buy up to four tickets half off, so i'm extra excited.

last but not least, its been getting below 80 at night here the past few days! can you imagine? temps below 80?? we've rehabed the patio in celebration. we bought new plants. swept the debris away from all the previously purchased, now dead plants. and most importantly, bought indoor/outdoor faux grass carpeting. yes, i put fake grass on my balcony patio. we've got shades that block the outside, grass on the floor, and all sorts of brightly colored flowering plants; its my new oasis. i'm planning to put up some little lights and maybe supplement the real plants with some fake ones so that its even more gardeny, without the let down of occationally killing them all. i built a table in the spring. it was meant to be a trial table in preparation of building a real one. well, i haven't built the real one yet but i'm on such i kick, i might just do that too!


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