Saturday, October 27, 2007

its nevada day weekend!

nevada day is officially 10/31. its always celebrated on the last friday of the month so that everyone but me can have a three day weekend, and then there are also all sorts of parades over the weekend. its not officially celebrated on the actual day nor is it celebrated on just one day, so yeah, its nevada day weekend.

despite the fact that nothing in this town is hardly over fifty years old, nevada is 143. i guess she's like me, looks young for her age. the state animal is the desert bighorn sheep, the state bird is the mountain blue bird, and the state flower is the sagebrush. all of which are fairly nice representations of the state.

strangely, our state moto is 'battle born,' but only because we entered the union during the civil war. please don't be under the impression that we have fought with anyone over anything. nv guard hasn't even deployed to iraq. see, ft erwin in ca deployed to iraq and nv guard deployed to erwin. we adopted the moto in the 30s and i really feel, time frame aside, its about the most inappropriate state moto ever (though i don't know all fifty...maybe someone else has a worse one).

this year's official state parade, held in the capital, is themed: the mysteries of nevada...area 51. yup. we are celebrating our state's birthday by dressing up like aliens. thinking about that should make you laugh...and i don't mean a polite 'laugh with,' really, its ok to 'laugh at'...


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