Monday, October 22, 2007


it has been years since i've purposefully watched a weekly tv show when it was actually coming on tv. i've watched a whole lot of tv only after it already came out on dvd. and i've watched a lot of random things on tv simply because it happened to be on the hotel tv and i felt like being entertained. but i think it might be since buffy went off the air in 2003 that i have kept up with and purposefully watched a tv show on a weekly basis on tv. and i probably wouldn't have ever started watching a show. i'm really not a fan of reality tv; sure, i'll watch the random episode of biggest looser or dancing with the stars or whatever. but i'm not going to follow the show or remember what time and station its on. i don't really care who wins in the end or the personal drama of any of those people throughout the season. there aren't too many comedies out there that just really make me laugh and we don't have cable, just bunny ears, and there are so many commercials and really i'm just starting to sound old. i never find anything good on because i believed before i started clicking that there wasn't anything good on.

and then a friend of ours mailed us the first season of heros.

we started watching on a wednesday and every waking moment not filled with work or school was spent watching until sunday when we finished. all this happened the week after this seasons first episode, so i'm a little out of the loop, but suddenly craving monday nights at 9pm on nbc. its completely unfair that i have to wait a whole week for a new episode and a whole year for the next dvd.


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