Thursday, October 25, 2007

gettin some learnin

andrew is in grad school, might have mentioned that before. this is his first semester and so far, we don't think highly of UNLV. grad school there is about as challenging as our high school. sadly, really.

then andrew had his midterms last week. and came home crying. he thought his vietnam test was pretty hard and was very distraught that he might get...gasp...a B on the test. (please note my sarcasm and on the whole, not feeling really distraught myself about this).

all the tests were returned today. his lowest grade was a 92. and in the vietnam class? the possible B? yeah, he got a 98. well, technically he got an 83. the highest grade was an 85, so the curve was 15 points, making his 83 a 98. and as a very cheap shot, he signed his test srg. andrew garland (his teacher is a vietnam vet and they bore the class every week by swapping war stories together) so he got 2 bonus points for being a veteran. that's really what was written at the top of the page, +2 for being a veteran, and then also a smiley face. yeah, his official grade is 100%.

he has already magneted his tests to the refrigerator.


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