Monday, September 10, 2007

good bye brown strappy sandals...RIP

i decided to part with my favorite pair of brown strappy sandals. mostly because of how awful they had become. filthy dirty. visually shabby. a smidge smelly. they've been my sidekick for a few years now and i am a bit sad to say good bye. in tribute, i'll tell you about the day i bought them.

it was on one of my first work trips to vegas. i found a mall and was on the hunt for brown strappy sandals. i think to go with a certain skirt that i probably never wore all that much. you know how it goes with shoe shopping. after visiting a dozen stores, i found just the thing i wanted, and they were on sale. i went back to the hotel and tried the outfit all together and pranced around my room to break in the sandals. i stayed up late and didn't want to take them off but eventually decided that i didn't like them enough to sleep on top of the covers instead of inside.

so the next morning, i'm in a rush and when i get to the elevator lobby, i see the doors closing. i yell hold the door, and i put it into high gear. and then unspeakable embarrassment occurred. as i was entering the elevator, my shoe became stuck in that little space between the floor and the elevator. and because i was wearing sandals, i flew out of them and the shoe remained behind. all of course, in a skirt.

i pick myself up and try to retrieve my shoe. but it was completely wedged. and the elevator doors kept trying to close. and i'm pulling and pulling. finally the shoe comes loose, but only to see me flying across the elevator for the second time. in a skirt. and, for extra special fun, that's when i remembered that because it was a casino hotel, there were only about fifty security cameras in the elevator. i occasionally wonder if there is a u tube video on this out there.

so that is how it all began and the dumpster is how it ended. they weren't even in good enough shape to give to goodwill. good bye brown strappy sandals...


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