Tuesday, April 10, 2007

how was your easter?

we had a good easter. we got all spiffied up and went to church. afterwards we went out for breakfast. lent is over so i ate a ton of bacon and sausage while andrew drank his body weight in soda. then we went home and napped since our tummies were a little unhappy.

breakfast was a little strange though. we were the only people in the restaraunt in church clothes. its just so weird to feel like the only twenty something that goes to church. humphft.

the easter bunny also visited, bringing dvd's and chocolates and a cute game of catch and toss.

its the expression on the bunny's face that really sets it off. he just looks so stunned. like he was raised to be a good, decent bunny. his mom hoped he'd be a lawyer or doctor or sportstar but instead he ran off to vegas, fell in with the wrong crowd out at the palms, and one day woke up and realized he'd signed a contract with the easter product people. as he flies through the air, i can hear him thinking, 'but i went to college. i should have a better job than this...'


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