Wednesday, January 31, 2007


i'm completely pining after a new kitty.

for the first couple of weeks after the move, i could not get andrew into petsmart. he was way to smart for that trick. once you see the kitties and pet the kitties, it breaks your heart to not take one home...

our favorite stripmall has a walmart, lowe's, michael's crafts, and petsmart. really, that's about every store that anyone could possibly want to shop. every sunday we'd go to the early service and then do some shopping. we would go to the other three, but not petsmart. finally we went in and met zoe. she was the first kitty in a cage we came to and we both thought the tag said 20E not zoe. i guess we were thinking that the adoption center didn't want to give them names for later when they have to off em? kind of like ranchers shouldn't name the cows? anyway, it really said zoe and we made sure the adoption center doesn't off the kitties. she's a two year old, wide eyed feline. she's black and white and half the size of my former companion. and at that first visit, we did not take her home.

a week passed.

we were in michaels. i said, gosh, i bet zoe isn't there anymore. andrew was appalled at the suggestion she might still be at petsmart. she's clearly the best kitty up for adoption. and its just so horrid to think about the cats living in little cages. i managed to get andrew to go look, just in case. and...zoe was still there.

i want to adopt her so much! i've just got to work him down on it. see, he has this thing about lint and cat hair on his clothes. and on his stuff. and in his food. and well, you know, everywhere.

maybe this weekend...


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