Thursday, November 30, 2006

my life keeps getting weirder and weirder

andrew is about to get out of the army. hooray! except not really, that is on the getting out part not the hooray part. its a long detailed story filled with all your basic army incompetences, ur, um, i mean, intrigues. i'll sum up the story prior to this week in a very generic, civilian sort of way. his IRR time is 35 months: the government can snatch him back anytime during the next 35 months. but the tricky government has worked out a scam so that if you'll go into the reserves, they'll cut your IRR time in half. he would then have 18 months, and happily the reserves stabalize people for 24 months, which is to say that he could not be deployed for the first 24 months and since he'd only be in for 18 months, he's safe as houses. sounds like a great plan, right? we pondered this for weeks. the major cons being if he's only in the reserves to wait out irr time, he is not officially joining the reserves. he wouldn't qualify for enlisting bonuses or promotions. and if he starts a degree, he probably cannot finish it in 18 months before the reserves would stop paying his tuition. given the current political landscape, we are betting that after his 24 months of stabilization, we won't be sending too many reservists to iraq. yeah, that is a scary sort of thing to bet on but that is another story. so, since we are moving to las vegas in a couple of weeks, we decided to enlist for three years in NV reserves.

until yesterday.

unfortunately, nevada reserves are all filled up. no room in the las vegas inn. but, we found out yesterday, some states really need people, and are willing to make up crazy schemes to get them. we've all seen the commercials, right? this deal is one weekend a month, two weeks a year. some states are willing to get people with particular skill sets for only one weekend every three months. and they are happy to pay extra for travel expenses. you still have to show up to the local stuff the other two months, and since you aren't really playing with that team, you probably stand around making coffee and watching whatever is on tv on saturday afternoons. yesterday our option was to take this crazy scheme and every so often head over to san fransicso. i was on board, seems like a fun place to tagalong visit.

somewhere along the way it became guard not reserves. and honestly i do not know when. maybe i was given a memo but i clearly didn't read it carefully. or possibly in my armywife way, being as civilian as i could possibly get, i just didn't understand. i sometimes say yes dear and then head to google.

the text message arrived on my phone about an hour ago:
problems with calif...have sworn allegience to oregon. all else equivalent.

we've never been to oregon but my husband just swore to protect their governor. i don't really know what to say to that. the travel oregon website had pretty pictures and the 41st BCT patch is fun. but their nickname is the 'jungleers' and i am just not aware of too many jungles in oregon.


  • At 8:18 PM , Blogger mary ann said...

    My sister lives in Portland, you know. So, I've been there. Drove across the state over the summer. It really is very pretty and will make a nice escape from Vegas summers.


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