Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i'm back to the 'popcorn for dinner' coping mechanism

10 best things about R&R

10. eating tons of steaks and carbs and sweets but no veggies at all
9. getting caught up on all the new movies
8. going back to bed for naps and stuff after breakfast or showering or lunch, etc.
7. buying a washer/dryer
6. holding hands while riding in the car
5. the running joke. she says: what time is it? he says: its 1400 (or some other number bigger than 12). she says: but what time is it really? he is sassy and wont ever tell her.
4. snugging on the couch
3. going to bed at night and finding it not empty
2. sharing communion
1. seeing his smile when he got off the airplane

there's really only one worst thing about it: its over now. sigh. my inner mantra has been 'the deployment is almost over' and 'we're on the downhill now.' they are working only because they are in fact true.


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