Saturday, April 22, 2006

its all pencilled in

as the countdown closes in on zero, i have devised a plan! i need orginization in my life. and if i have a plan, then i can delay the inevitable crazy/worry/fretting parts of armywife life.

today: cleaning the rest of the house

tomorrow and monday: laundry and baking, after work

tuesday: a visit to the salon, also after work. and sometime during the day, i should finally receive a sketchy ETA for andrew

wednesday: fretting, maybe during work, maybe instead of work

i do not have a set plan for thursday...either andrew will be home'll be busy, or he won't and the fretting will need to be stepped up a notch. everything else seems to be on track, except i may have broken a toe today. i know, that clearly was not on the above was a gruesome flipflop/shopping cart accident. i had just gone into the store for one or two (very necessary and healthy) things...and ended up buying about $50 worth of the tastiest, fattiest foods that the freezer section has to offer, knowing full well that i wanted them but lying to myself that it was all for andrew. so i guess the moral is: if you are going to buy a ton of fatty foods, make sure you are wearing durable enough shoes to get you and them safely to the car...


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