Wednesday, April 05, 2006

public behavior

i went to the movies recently. and it was quite the experience.

in relaying the story to my husband, i was so caught up in all the other stuff that i completely forgot to even tell him what the movie was or if i liked it. basically, i went to the dollar theater, so everyone else has probably already seen the movie, and i thought it was ok. the real entertainment was the other movieviewers.

there are things in this world to which i don't feel like i really need to be exposed. some of these things i shy away from. and some are like the proverbial train wreck and i just cannot take my eyes or ears away.

a special easter example:

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or, if you need some clues as to where this story is going: 10 people i do not want to see naked.

so i am sitting in the theater, trying to watch the previews and then the movie, and there is a guy several rows back. i can hear him and i know it is probably a complete lie to think that he was snoring. mostly because it didn't really especially sound like snoring only sort of a little like snoring. but why would you go to the theater and promptly fall asleep? and even if you did, how could you instantly be snoring? i never saw a companion with him, but then, i really wouldn't have, now would i? and sadly, some curious, degenerate part of my brain kept listening, trying to decide if he was really truely doing what i thought he might be doing, just like how i cannot take my eyes from the weird blue chickens


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