Friday, March 31, 2006

Phenomenally Creepy

on a recent trip, i stayed on the 22nd floor of a new hotel. it was nice, everything was cozy, until the third morning. i was ready to head downstairs for breakfast so i scampered to the elevator lobby and pressed the down button. the elevator that finally arrived was dark inside. completely dark. i cautiously peered inside. it was empty. but i thought to myself, i'm not riding in that. i've seen that movie, the cute girl dies first! so i stepped back, waited, the doors closed. i decided to wait a few minutes and press the button again for a different elevator. i'm sure you can see where this is going...only the same elevator would ever open for me.

so then the decision became: walk down 22 flights of stairs in my Brand New Shoes or die a hedious death in the dark scary elevator.

i climbed into the dark elevator and cowered in the back corner. the whole ride down the only light in that box came from the floor numbers flashing as i passed them by. obviously, since i'm blogging this, i was not hacked to bits by an axe murderer. i did give a good ranting to the desk clerk...


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