Friday, November 23, 2007

lazy days vs shopping days

so we've spent the last two days being fairly lazy and i liked it.

other than eat, lay around, and watch tv, we really didn't do anything yesterday. i did spend quite a while online doing silly blogthing quizzes. for some strange reason (probably a stupor from the turkey), i found them quite fascinating. i did every name generator out there: what's your wrestler name, what's your biblical name, what's your pirate name, hooker name, vampire name, punk band name. and generally, just for kicks, i played my name, andrew's, and zoecat too. the very best, and strangely most accurate, was zoe's punk band name, the malcontent banana. she has a stuffed chew toy shaped like a banana which is half eaten from their epic battles up and down the apartment.

for the record, i am not a black friday shopper. i would much much much prefer to either buy items online or pay way too much on another day than to shop today. in general, i believe i married a man who agrees with that philosophy. but then he found a comic book shop that had a black friday super sale. i could have fallen over. first off, today's shopping is supposed to be about buying things for other people and i don't want anything for christmas from the comic shop. and second, wow, a comic shop having a super sale on black friday, i just can't quite wrap my head around that. 8am - 12am. lots of 10cent comics. and not only had he decided to go but he was determined to be there before the store opened. "gotta beat the crowds" (its after the fact and i still have a hard time saying that with a straight face). but when he arrived at 7:45, there were three other people already waiting. by the time the store opened, there were 8 including him. and while yeah, walmart had thousands, this shop only holds about fifteen people, so really its about the same number/ratio. and i don't know if that makes me feel better or worse, knowing that there are three comic book geeks in greater las vegas who are crazier than my husband and four who are only slightly less crazy (or live just a little farther away and hit all the lights wrong). my husband bought one hundred and fourty six tencent comics. he bought so many that he had to buy a new comic box to put them in. and at lunch, he's telling me this and just sitting there clearly filled with entirely too much glee. and the icing on the cake? he found a dime in the parking lot! he smuggly informed me that one of those comics was free!


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