Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. " Ecclesiastes 4:10

i've felt very alone in this city all year. its been just me and andrew vs. everyone else. and then i fell. and i was alone when i fell. but it wasn't too long after that i realized just how not alone i really am. i'm simply overwhelmed by the number of people who have rushed to my aid. i've received so many cards and phone calls in the past two weeks, not to mention cakes, cookies, flowers, books, meals, and tons of other care package items. falling off the patio and breaking my back was not a near death experience for my body. but in many ways the past few months have been a near death experience for my soul. i suddenly feel alive like never before. i suddenly see how many blessings there really are in my life. i suddenly see so many people who are a part of my support system. i feel like i have a new chance to be a better me.

so that is the spiritual update. the physical update is pretty positive too. i've had a couple doctors appointments this past week and everyone continues to expect a full recovery sans surgery. for the most part my pain is under control. car rides are tough though. i felt good enough to take a walk over the weekend and i am trying to start back to work, haven't made it a full day yet, just baby steps. my clothing options are becoming interesting. there are only so many things that can go under, over, around the brace. and there is a small contigency of my coworkers who are plotting to tackle me and bedazzle me. everyone thinks the brace would be better if it had rinestones glued to it!


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