Monday, November 05, 2007

even the best plans can have life changing disasters

try not to freak out, but i broke my back.

so there i was saturday afternoon, locked out on the second story patio. there is a railing. i climbed over. there is a drain pipe. i climbed down. i sat on the pipe. i crawled down to hang on it. the plan was to then get to the top of the railing on the patio below. while hanging from the pipe, it was quickly determined that i could not get to the railing. it was a smidge to far and a bit in, not straight down. since i was completely committed downward, there was no other option than to jump. and it wasn't that far but was on rocks with bare feet and there were bushes, so i needed to swing and twist. probably it was the swing/twist on impact but i completely shattered a lower something or other. i have an L2 compaction fracture.

obviously since i'm blogging, i'm not doing to badly. i did no nerve damage but there is a small broken piece that could be problematic. i have many more dr visits in my future and an exciting torso brace to wear for at least six weeks. i'll likely never do yoga again, might not jog either. there are lots of other interesting stories about the crawl to knock on the neighbors, the ER trip, my roommate in the hospital, etc but they will have to wait. for right now, i'm trying to be in the best possible spirits; i didn't break a nail and the brace kind of looks like i got a boob job.


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