Sunday, September 17, 2006

the results are in

if you are going to have a really unhealthy dinner, what is your food of choice?

62% of my readers prefered pizza
14% prefered hamburgers
24% prefered tacos
0% sadly no one prefered cupcakes

i have, but i think only one time, had cupcakes for dinner...the little two pack from the gas station with the polymer know what i'm talking about...the orange ones are the best. otherwise, i think i rank my preferences the same as the other voters. i do sometimes get a craving for chili cheese dogs though. sonic's got some good ones but no one really tops gold star chili. its too bad my fridge is currently stocked with healthy things so i have no excuse to run out and get something terribly bad for me for dinner.

so now a new poll is up...go over there and vote on this months poll


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